Want to contribute? We want your help!

  • Fork the repo and checkout a branch (named off issue vd-XX) based off development.
  • Make changes
  • Create a PR!
  • Once reviewed and approved, we will merge in the code into development.

Running test app

  • To run the example component to test development, you need vue-cli installed.
  • Then change directory into dev cd dev
  • Then you can run vue serve to serve the example vue component.
  • You'll also need a env.js file to keep your mapbox token in until we find a clever way of handling this.
    • Place a .env.js file in your root directory with the following details. Gitignore is set up to ignore this file.
    export default 'TOKEN GOES HERE
  • You should be able to start adding/making changes now and see it represented in the example App.